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Yes, It’s Documented: Over 251,740 people have used this unique method of hypnosis.

  Steve Ira Present, M.S., Ch.T. has been seen by over 2.1 Million Americans on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX T.V. affiliates, while more than 4.2 Million Americans have heard about his “campaign to change the world with hypnosis” on over 325 radio stations across the country.

And yes, you can see the black and white proof of this system’s results below…

The Surprisng Secret Of Weight Loss

Finally Revealed:

Over ¼ Million people, including top celebrities, former governors, ministers, judges, doctors, media personalities, Motorola Corporation®, employees of IBM® and numerous other blue chip companies,  as well as regular folks from all walks of life have used this unique method of hypnosis.

This famous hypnosis expert has been seen by over 2.1 Million people on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX T.V. affiliates, while more than 4.2 Million individuals have heard about his "campaign to change the world with hypnosis" on over 325 radio stations across the country.

Don't you owe it to yourself to discover the surprising way his method of hypnosis keeps you  feeling full and satisfied...
even though you are eating less?

Don't you owe it to yourself to discover the "hidden" mind power (each of us has this power, but only 1 out of 150 people knows the right way to use it) that his hypnosis uses to eliminate those gut-wrenching, maddening cravings for fattening foods?


In the next few moments, watch how women and men just like you used their "hidden" mind power to achieve weight loss results they couldn't with any other weight loss system.


From the desk of Steve Ira Present
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  Yes, Dear Friend, I cordially invite you to try the same unique method of hypnosis that’s been used by over ¼ Million Americans --without risking a single penny -- for a full 45 days - 

    Hypnosis is now widely accepted by many in the medical community, with numerous articles in prestigious scientific journals proving it’s remarkable results.  Hypnosis has been reported about in the New York Times, in Newsweek, on NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX TV stations, and in a Mayo Clinic article, in addition to the scientific journals you will soon see excerpts from.

   However, if you do not have an open mind, please stop reading here and close this page.

   For you are about to discover a new (although it is centuries old) way of losing weight -- without dieting, without cravings, and without hunger…

One That Challenges and Destroys
the Old Myth of No Pain, No Gain.

   In fact, you will soon discover exactly why…

Eliminating Effort, Eliminating Denial and Eliminating
deprivation are absolutely “Do or die”
essential to successfully losing weight.

   Please let me explain: if you’ve ever secretly dreamed of going to sleep and waking up thin, as you and I both know, that’s not possible.   However, the reality of successful weight loss isn’t that far different from your fantasy, as I explain below.  

   There is a method of hypnosis -- one that uses some very specialized and very closely guarded techniques not used anywhere else -- in addition to the more “traditional” techniques of hypnosis.   This method allows you to achieve weight loss by...

putting very special CD's into your CD player
in the privacy of your own home,
lying down, closing your eyes, and letting one of
the world’s most experienced hypnotists
guide you  Into a very deep, very peaceful
and blissful state of relaxation.

   This special state of relaxation, as you will soon discover, is the gateway to hypnosis. 

 Hypnosis unlocks the door to your
all powerful subconscious mind –
the part of your mind that can
Make losing weight surprisingly easy…
or incredibly difficult, as you’ve experienced in the past

  My hypnosis uses the power of your subconscious mind to help you lose weight in a totally different way than traditional methods.  Here’s how:

   Each of us has a conscious mind, and a subconscious mind.  Our conscious mind thinks, it judges, it analyzes.  It’s vitally important because it manages the day-to-day details of our lives, and without it, we’d all feel…and be…lost.  

   However, our subconscious mind can NOT think, it can NOT judge, it can NOT analyze.  It simply does what it’s been “programmed” to do, as I’ll explain in just a moment.

Surprisingly, while our conscious mind thinks it’s in control, It's NOT!

Our subconscious mind is our
(As you will soon see proof of).

Astonishing Weight Loss Preview:

“I lost 39 pounds. I didn't think it would work for me, but on a whim, I decided to try your hypnosis.

  Well I was in for a big surprise. I have not had one, not even one bite of chocolate candy since using your hypnosis. 

  The sight, the smell of chocolate mean nothing to me now."

Toni Snider, school teacher,  Kansas City, Kansas.  See her complete weight loss story below. 

   Here’s how: It controls our body. It keeps us breathing.  It keeps our hearts pumping, it keeps our immune systems working, and…

Regarding weight:       

Our subconscious mind exerts iron-fisted control over:

How much time we think about -- or obsess over -- food…

Our cravings for food…

Whether or not we eat for emotional reasons…

Our unconscious, automatic eating habits…

What and how much we eat…All of which ultimately means…

 Our subconscious mind controls our weight!

Want to see rock solid proof that
your subconscious mind controls
virtually all parts of your life, including your weight?

  If our conscious minds were really in charge, then:

   1 -      Everyone would be thin.  Yet 63% of American adults are overweight… many of them seriously overweight.

   In spite of all the powerful and motivating emotional conscious mind reasons everyone wants to be thin and proud of the way they look, in spite of all the logical health reasons for losing weight.

  2 -      Everyone would be a non-smoker. 

   Yet, 21% of American adults still smoke, in spite of the mountains of emotional and logical conscious mind information practically screaming at them to quit. (Not to mention the constant nagging they get from family members, their doctors, and others… some of which, while important, may actually contribute to their continuing smoking, as a part of their mind rebels against the pressure.)

   3 -   We would never suffer needless anxiety, fear, sadness or depression.  Yet, in spite of how badly our conscious minds want to eliminate these agonizing and painful feelings, millions of people suffer with the pain of these afflictions. 

   4 -   We would all eat the right foods without overindulging. We would easily and automatically feel motivated to exercise (since our conscious minds’ know how good this is for us).  And we would live our lives in ways that promote health, happiness, and deep inner satisfaction. 


In a meta- analysis (that’s a study where multiple studies are evaluated), hypnosis was added to cognitive-behavioral treatments for weight reduction.  At the final weight loss assessment, the hypnosis group experienced 146.76% more weight loss than did the non-hypnosis groups.  A statistical study called correlational analysis showed that the benefits of hypnosis increased substantially over time. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. 64(3), Jun 1996, 517-519.


   Now, here’s the question: in spite of how badly our conscious minds want us to live well, be happy and healthy…

Is that how most of us live and feel?

Obviously… and tragically, not.

   Despite desperately wanting, wishing, and using all the willpower we can muster, most of us struggle with weight problems or other “bad” habits that….

we can not seem to change
for more than brief times

   Why is this so?

   Because of this fact:  have you ever heard that the average person uses only 5% of their brain?

   How can we possibly change long term, stubborn problems using only 5% of our minds? 

   It’s virtually impossible to do.  It would be like trying to lift – and hold – your purse or briefcase with only 1 finger. Even if you could lift and hold it for a brief time, it would be almost impossible to keep holding it up over an extended time, with such limited power.  Whereas, when you use your whole hand, the task actually becomes easy.

  This use of only 5% of our “mind power” is the true reason why most “ordinary” attempts to lose weight or to dramatically change our lives are doomed to almost immediate failure in most cases, or temporary success at best. This is why so many people struggle needlessly with so many problems that are, indeed, “fixable”.

   In order for you to successfully lose weight, eliminate “bad” habits, and get whatever you want out of life, there is, in my opinion, only one way to do this:

   And based on my experience...

hypnosis is the best way
 to use the proven power of your subconscious mind
to achieve your weight loss goals.

  Your subconscious mind is the “master controller”—it can give you anything (within reason, and sometimes even beyond reason, into the realm of what some call miracles) that you want.     Here’s a quick example of your subconscious minds’ extraordinary power. (In just about 1 minute, you’ll see how – when you have the right method - this power works to burn off stubborn body fat.)   

   Many of us have heard or read about a woman whose baby becomes trapped under a car after an accident.  In the heat of the moment, while feeling panic, adrenaline surges through her body.  She stops thinking (consciously) and instantly and automatically lifts up the back of the car, so her baby can be rescued.    

       Her emotions were so aroused, her feelings so “wired”, that she automatically tapped into the power of her subconscious mind.  Normally, there would be no way, adrenaline or not, that a 120 pound woman could lift a part of a car.  However, because she had no time to think,

her subconscious mind literally commanded her to lift the car. 

   And she was immediately granted the immense power and strength to do so.

Now, imagine this same immense power inside of you
 commanding your body to lose weight... automatically, without thinking…
 just like the woman lifted her car automatically, without thinking.

   With the truly immense power of your subconscious mind working for you, on your side…

   Finally, you’d take total control of your eating habits.Finally, you’d take total control of your weight.

So that, finally, you’d be thin and trim.

 Finally, you’d Enjoy life at your Perfect goal weight –

Without Dieting, Without Cravings, Without Struggling!


In a 9-week study of two weight management groups (one using hypnosis and one not using hypnosis), the hypnosis group continued to get results in the two-year follow-up, while the non-hypnosis group showed no further results (Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1985).

   And it’s not just examples like the one above that prove the power of your subconscious mind.  Practically every month, new scientific studies are published, proving that your mind controls your body, as the scientific support for the power of hypnosis continues to grow. 

    Hypnosis has been studied for it’s effects on:  losing weight, stopping smoking, stress reduction, insomnia, ringing in the ears, asthma, headaches, test anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, quality of life after heart bypass surgery, arthritis pain, dental pain, healing of bone fractures… and much, much more. 

   Let’s examine how the remarkable mind power unlocked by hypnosis works in the real life battle against stubborn body fat.

I Lost 39 Pounds, Easily,
Without Dieting.

Toni Snider is a school teacher from Kansas City, Kansas whose weight loss experience was previewed moments ago.  Let’s hear all about her weight loss results now.

 “I lost 39 pounds. Easily. Without dieting. I’m really amazed that your method of hypnotism worked so well for me.

   To think, I almost didn’t use your hypnosis:  after all, I have a Masters Degree in Education, and I didn’t think it would work for me.

   The only reason I tried your hypnosis was that I had tried everything else. The newest fads, diets, and willpower.  Nothing had worked for me.

   So, I figured, what did I have to lose?  On a whim, I decided to try your hypnosis system.

   Well, I was in for a big surprise. I used to be known as “ the chocolate queen”. Before, I used to eat at least 3 to 4 bars of chocolate, on a light day!

    After using your hypnosis, I tried to finish the ½ of a chocolate bar I had left over… and I couldn’t. No matter how hard I tried. I have not had one, not even one, bite of chocolate candy since using your hypnosis. 

   I used to buy, and eat, at least one bag of potato chips and 2 pounds of cheese curds, every weekend.  Since using your hypnosis, I haven’t eaten any cheese. And the same goes for potato chips. The sight, the smell of chocolate and cheese mean nothing to me now.

   Mind you, I’m not just saying I don’t want chocolate, which is the case. I’m also telling you that I’ve actually tried to force myself to eat chocolate, when I was baking.  I figured, it’s been such a long time, let’s see what chocolate tastes like. And I tried to put a single chocolate chip in my mouth, and I couldn’t!

   I used to think about food all the time.  I was always worried about when I would eat, what I would eat, and how much I weighed. Now, I only think about food when it’s time to eat or prepare meals. I don't diet, I don't count calories, I simply eat less and feel full.

   Many of my friends, co-workers and the parents of my students have complimented me on how much younger I look since losing the weight. To be honest, when I hear compliments about how good I look, it feels great!

    I look and feel better, thanks to you. I've gone from a size 20 to a size 10. Your method of hypnosis has been a Godsend to me.”

Toni Snider - Kansas City, KS

I Was Skeptical At First,
But Experienced
Practically Instant Results.
I Lost 75 Pounds.

 Judith Sanborn, an office manager from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, had this experience after using my hypnosis to lose weight: 

“ I’ve lost 75 pounds, after using your hypnosis.

   Before using your hypnosis, I was on the up cycl

   Plus, I was skeptical of hypnosis. 

   But the results were practically instant. Normally, every night around midnight, I would raid my fridge for ice cream. But after experiencing your hypnosis, I didn’t even think about a hot fudge sundae. And the most amazing thing is, I haven’t thought about one since!

   I have no cravings for any sweets or fattening foods anymore. As a matter of fact, I don’t crave any type of food anymore.

   I’m not obsessed with food anymore. I used to always eat, and always think about eating. I used to eat for the wrong reasons. However, since using your weight loss method, I don’t eat for emotional reasons anymore.

   I still enjoy eating, but I choose when and what. And it’s not like I need to use willpower. Everything just kind of happens, without any effort on my part.

   My doctor is thrilled!

   I’m so very glad I used your hypnosis. 

   The only problem is, after so many years of weighing so much, now I keep needing new clothes. ”

Judith Sanborn, Milwaukee, WI

  While what you’ve just read may make you think that my hypnosis is the magical cure-all for everyone trying to lose weight, frankly,

My Hypnosis Will NOT Work For Everyone.

   If you have less than 9 pounds to lose, please don’t try my system out. My system wasn’t designed for you, and I don’t want you to be disappointed.

   After all, those of us who have (or had, like I used to) a weight problem have experienced enough emotional torment and disappointment. 

   So, I’ll be as candid as I can in telling you whom I recommend my system for, and whom I don’t.

   If you are looking for a life-changing experience after only 1 use of my weight loss system, while that may happen -- and has happened to others -- I would still prefer not to take the chance of disappointing you.

   Please let me explain why: while I created a stop smoking system that is specifically designed to be used only 1 time in order to get hard core, long time smokers to crush their smoking habit, my weight loss system is different.

   My burn off body fat with hypnosis system is designed to be used more than once… because of this key difference: unlike smoking, where once you throw your cigarettes out you can walk away from them forever, food is totally different, in the following way:

You will be eating at least 2-4 times a day
 for the rest of your life.

    I’ve designed your weight loss system to be so easy to use, so enjoyable to use, so quick to use (the shortened “quick booster shot” version I’ll be giving you as a free gift takes just 13 minutes and 14 seconds to use from start to finish) that you’ll want to use it as often as you can…  knowing that each time you do, the powerful hypnotic instructions I give directly to your subconscious mind are reinforced and strengthened. (For best results, I recommend using it 3-5 times a week at the beginning… and then less and less over time.)

Hard core, 39 year, 2 ½ pack a day smoker not only quits smoking easily with Steve Ira Present’s hypnosis, he actually loses weight.

Check out this dramatic example of the power of this method of hypnosis:

Howard Van Sciver, a vice president of an electronic security company in Greenville, South Carolina had been smoking for 39 years.  Over the years, he had increased his smoking, till he was up to 2 ½ to 3 packs a day.  He had tried numerous other methods to quit, without any lasting success. Here’s what happened after using this unique method of  hypnosis: “I’ve had absolutely no desire to smoke after using Steve’s hypnosis system. It was, simply put, painless.  And, since  I’ve had no desire to substitute anything in my mouth for a cigarette, I’ve actually lost 7 pounds.”


But I’ve gotten ahead of myself here. Way ahead. 

   Please allow me to introduce myself to you.   

   My name is Steve Ira Present, M.S., Ch.T.   (I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and am a certified hypnotist). 

   Since July 6 of 1989, over 251,741 Americans (and countless others from across the globe) have used my unique system of hypnosis, designed to crush hard core stubborn habits and skyrocket your performance in virtually any area of your life.  While I am committed to helping people improve their lives in all areas, and have devoted most all of my adult years to helping others,

I am extremely passionate about
Helping people lose weight… because…

   I personally know the nightmarish hell of being trapped between all sorts of weight loss promises and the reality of a body whose weight kept going up and down like a yo-yo. You see,

Years ago, I, Steve Ira Present,
was 53 pounds overweight

   I was desperate to do anything to get rid of the fat on my body… desperate to look like I wanted to… desperate to feel like I wanted to… desperate to unlock the thin person I knew lived inside me.

Unfortunately, my weight problem was
not a simple one, nor was it easy to fix.

   I would eat the wrong foods – my cravings for pizza, cheeses, and ice cream were totally uncontrollable.  I would eat at what I knew were the wrong times: I had an almost uncontrollable urge to eat late at night, right before going to sleep.

And, frankly, I would eat huge portions.


339 patients undergoing thyroid and parathyroid neck surgery, were divided into two groups. One group had hypnosis and an intravenous medication that kept them conscious while the other group was given general anesthesia. The hypnosis group had less pain, used fewer pain medications, and had shorter hospital stays.
In a similar study of 241 patients who underwent invasive medical procedures, those who received pre-surgical instruction in self-hypnosis had less pain and anxiety than those who did not receive self-hypnosis instruction.

In summary, a year 2000 review of published articles in the field of hypnosis concluded that "the research to date generally substantiates the claim that hypnotic procedures can ameliorate many psychological and medical conditions."  1 Montgomery, G.H., DuHamel, K.N., and Redd, W.N. (2000). A meta-analysis of hypnotic analgesia: How effective is hypnosis?

International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 48, 138-153

 I didn’t feel satisfied unless I did.  It seemed like I was eating to fill an emotional need.

   I would eat unconsciously, while watching T.V., moving my hand from a bowl of food to my mouth out of habit.

   Plus, I would eat when I was depressed or lonely. Here I was, living in Miami, where people walk around half-naked all year round.  Yet I couldn’t stand how I looked – even when fully clothed. 

  I had put on the weight several years after finishing my Masters in Psychology.  Rather suddenly, my metabolism had seemed to come to a grinding halt.  Before that, I could eat anything and everything. And I wouldn’t gain a pound.  Well, those days were over.  And, unfortunately for me, every bad eating habit I had picked up and gotten away with over the years now showed up, especially on my stomach.

 Picture my situation:

There I was, a supposed Mind expert
(A Master of Psychology)
and I couldn’t even control my own
eating behavior and weight.

    This made me feel like garbage.  Which made me want to eat even more, out of my desperate need for comfort and relief.

The Surprising Way
I Discovered Hypnosis,
And Lost All My Excess Body Fat


    On a visit to a bookstore in South Miami, I accidentally came across a used paperback book on hypnosis. 

   I was skeptical (my graduate training program in Psychology had barely even mentioned hypnosis), but I knew I had nothing to lose.  So, I bought it, read it, and used it’s techniques.  It helped, but only a little.  However, I was encouraged enough to get 5 other books on hypnosis, since I did see some slight results. (I am known for being rather persistent.)

   Then, I got what was to prove itself to be a great idea.  One that would change my life, and that of so many others:  to make a tape for myself. 

   I recorded the tape, and listened to it … over and over (in part because it was working, and in part because the hypnosis felt so good)… and the weight started to peel off me like the skin off an onion. 

For the first time, losing weight was easy For me.

   I was astonished, to say the least.  I had virtually no cravings.  No inner fight.  My body fat was burning off so fast it was as if somehow my metabolism had been “supercharged”. 

    (By the way, fast forward to here and now, today: for your information, at 6 feet tall, I still weigh the same amount I did in college (well before I gained the weight) –  162 pounds --plus or minus 3 pounds.)

   These personal results are what stimulated my interest in hypnosis.  My ravenous appetite, previously for food, was now for information and knowledge.  What more could I learn about this mysterious thing called hypnosis that had changed my life so profoundly? 

I invested thousands of dollars
in advanced trainings in hypnosis:

   I own so many books and tapes on hypnosis, when I stack them up, they stand 6 feet tall.

   I have experienced hundreds of hours of advanced, “hands-on” trainings at locations all around the world. Some of them so intensive they lasted up to 1 month long.  I have spent thousands of hours working with clients, perfecting my skills and techniques. For one purpose:

To help people crush their “Bad” habits in the
shortest amount of time possible through hypnosis---
 while dramatically improving their lives.
This is my professional love. 
It is my driving passion.

   This particular combination of overcoming a major personal problem with hypnosis, my strong passion to help others, advanced training, unique talents and almost obsessive and constant perfecting of my craft has allowed me to create a truly unique method of hypnosis.

   Through careful observation of what worked best for my clients, I developed these special techniques in order to “jumpstart” my client’s results in the most rapid and effortless manner possible.

My “Hypnotic tool box” includes over 57 different techniques to use when my clients close
their eyes, and over 19 different techniques
to use with clients even when their eyes are open!

   But even that’s not enough to account for the life-changing results my methods effortlessly achieve for so many.

   When combined with what so many of my clients have called an exceptionally deep, relaxing and hypnotic voice that helps them enter hypnosis so quickly (usually in under 4 ½  minutes flat), easily, and comfortably…

you have a dramatically powerful system:

As you can see below:

I Lost 95 Pounds In 6 Months,
And Wasn’t Hungry Once!

Here’s what happened to Cynthia Miller, whose remarkable weight loss results were previewed a little while ago. Cynthia is a housewife from Portland, Oregon.

“Since your hypnosis, I don’t crave sweets or anything anymore. I can finally resist pies and other fattening foods with ease.

I'm amazed at the change. Losing 95 pounds in 6 months has actually been easy for me, since I haven’t dieted at all. I simply feel full and satisfied after eating less food.

My friends tell me how great I look. 

I enjoy going out in public again… doing things with my family, swimming, biking, water skiing and many other activities I was too embarrassed to do before. I’ve actually started taking Karate lessons, and I won second place in my last tournament!”

Cynthia Miller - Portland, OR

 I’ve Tried Other Methods, Including
The Big, Well Known Ones.
Yours Is The Best.  
I Lost 15 Pounds The First Week! 
Your Method Works Automatically.

To be honest, I was very skeptical at first. But the weight loss was so easy. I lost 15 pounds the first week, and that got rid of my skepticism, fast.

    I have tried a lot of weight loss methods, including the big well known ones, and all sorts of diets.  For me, this is the best weight loss system.

   It’s been easy for me, better than anything else I’ve tried.

   I’ve lost my cravings for Italian bread.  I used to eat 7 loaves a week.    And now, I drive by the bakery every day, and don’t even think about it. This really amazes me.

   I eat a lot healthier, and it’s not like I have to use willpower.

   It happens automatically, without effort.  My attitude is better, I’m more ambitious.  In short, my life has changed for the better.”

Daniel Ciffori   - File Room Clerk   Flint, Michigan

Now do you want to know the real secret to my method?

To why I can achieve results that some call miraculous?   Come even closer, as I reveal:

WHY Diets, Pills, and other 

   In the past, when you tried to lose weight using willpower, pills, diets, or other methods, you weren’t dealing with what my experience has taught me is the key to successfully burning off body fat.

Your subconscious mind. 
(Which controls 95% of your mind power, as you now know!)

   Please remember this fact: as we discussed, your subconscious mind does NOT think, it does NOT judge, it does NOT analyze. 

   It simply does whatever it’s been programmed to do. 

   Frankly, whether you like the programming or not… it still keeps the old programmed behavior going… and powerfully resists change until you change the programming - - this is why dieting is like torture for most folks.

How does it get this “Bad” programming regarding food and weight?

   Either from repetition of certain behaviors over and over again, strong emotional responses, trauma, or from “imprinting” (taking on the characteristics of others) that occurred from watching family members, the media, etc., or any combination of the above.

   Let’s see how this has affected you.  Right now, quickly think about your eating behavior in the past: 

   How many times have you eaten the wrong foods? 

   How many times have you eaten too much?

   How many times have you eaten at the wrong times, or eaten for emotional reasons? 

   That’s a lot of information in your subconscious mind --just like it used to be in mine -- that tells you… urges you… teases you… tempts you… and virtually forces you to keep overeating, eating the “wrong foods”, eating automatically, habitually, or eating for emotional reasons.

   Have you ever heard the computer expression “GIGO”?  In the computer world, it stands for “garbage in equals garbage out”

In your personal world, your subconscious mind
is the equivalent of a computer.

The information in your subconscious
is the equivalent of the “Programming” in a computer.

   Just like a computer, your subconscious mind doesn’t care whether the programming it’s got regarding food and eating is “good” or “bad”.

   It’s mission is simply this:

To automatically make you eat in the exact way
your subconscious mind was programmed to.

No matter how badly your conscious mind
may want to do the opposite!

   Now, please listen up, because….

Here’s exactly how this programming
sabotages and destroys
Most every attempt you’ve made to lose weight:

   Let’s say today is the day you are going on a diet (or trying some other “traditional” weight loss method).

   You wake up.  Your conscious mind tells you to have a smaller, “healthier” breakfast than usual. It (your conscious mind) is fine with this.

   However, your stomach, your hands and your mouth --all under the complete, steel-fisted control of your subconscious mind – aren’t so fine. So, while your conscious mind is saying, “okay, we’ve eaten enough”…

   Your subconscious mind is telling you,

“HEY, I want more food… I want
More “Comfort food”… and I want it NOW!”

   But your conscious mind is still in control.  So you manage to fight those cravings off…  for a while… until you get to work, and see your co-worker eating one of the “unhealthy, fattening” foods that you love.  (Not to mention all the jealous looks you gave to the restaurants along the way that would eagerly serve you “non-diet” food. Yup, I told you, I’ve been there, so I know.)

   So, when you see your co-worker eating, your subconscious mind tells you… “get me some of that food… and get it to me NOW!”

   But your conscious mind is still in control, so you manage to fight that craving off… hopefully

Until… lunchtime arrives

   Now, your subconscious mind is feeling deprived. It’s been ignored.  And it’s upset.

   So, it tells you… let’s make up for the deprivation and denial you put me through earlier today.   It practically screams at you: lets eat a big lunch.

   One filled with “goodies” that you know aren’t good for you. The ones that certainly won’t help you lose weight, but that taste… and feel… great.

   Again, your conscious mind is still desperately trying it’s very hardest to stay in control.  So… you fight off that (almost) overwhelming urge to eat a big, emotionally satisfying lunch.  Instead, you order a smaller portion of lunch than usual.  Plus, you make sure it’s something “healthy to eat”.  Which means that after lunch, you are left feeling…

 Deprived. Upset. Anxious.
Hungry. Unfulfilled.

   In other words…


   And this process of getting cravings, of fighting off those cravings, of not feeling filled up, of fighting off hunger pangs, of fighting off the inner urge to eat “comfort food” goes on and on and on… until finally…

Your Will-Power Cracks!
Like An Egg That Falls To The Ground,
It Gets Smashed To Pieces.

And then your subconscious mind takes over… and boy oh boy, does it take over.  All control is lost.  Your subconscious mind makes you eat too much.  Or it makes you eat the wrong things.  Or it makes you eat for the wrong reasons… or ALL of the above.  And it does so with a vengeance.

   And how does that make you feel? 

Even Worse!

   And when you feel bad, that’s usually a strong signal to your subconscious mind to do what???


   And if you eat even more, you feel even worse… which means you want to eat even more… which is exactly…

Why Diets Don’t… And (Most Often) Can’t Work!

Which is why my system absolutely forbids
any deprivation dieting!

Successful weight loss (in my opinion) must:

   Use the right techniques to eliminate the old programming that connected fattening foods to pleasure… thereby eliminating  the cravings for fattening foods…

   Tap into the hidden powers of your subconscious mind to eliminate the unconscious hand to mouth “automatic” eating behavior… while allowing you to feel completely full, satisfied and content while having eaten less food. 

   This way, losing weight becomes easier and more effortless than you had ever imagined possible.  As you can see for yourself:

I Was A Doubter. Then, I Lost 45 Pounds. It’s Been Great. I Eat Smaller Portions, And Feel Satisfied And Full.

 "To be honest, I was very skeptical and doubting of your hypnosis at first.

   But then, I felt your hypnotic suggestions working immediately!  I was quite surprised to see and feel the results so fast.  Instead of craving sweets or foods, all I wanted to do was drink water.

   With your system, I lost 4 ½ pounds the first week.  45 pounds total. It’s been great for me. I eat smaller portions, and feel satisfied and complete. 

   I don’t miss anything… I don’t feel deprived in any way.  Diets leave you frustrated, and that’s why they are so hard to stick with.  But your method of hypnosis has totally changed my attitude about losing weight and food.  You’ve made it so much easier.  Thank you!"

Bonnie Bein - Factory Worker, Racine, Wisconsin

I’m Amazed That I Completely Lost My Cravings For Sweets.
Lost 4 Pounds The First Week.
It's Easy And Automatic.

"I have no time for counting calories, or dieting on a regular basis. My life is simply too busy, with a family to take care of, going to school two times a week part time, while working full time over 40 hours per week. 

   I had tried lots of other ways to lose weight, including low fat diets, exercising, and many more, but because of my busy life, those things just didn’t work for me.

   After using your hypnosis, I lost 4 pounds the first week, and was quite astonished at how easy it was.

   What I love the most about your weight loss system is that there’s no thinking involved, no planning, no effort, and no hassle. I lost 25 pounds easily, without dieting, just as you said… I just eat less food, and  my stomach still feels full. I look younger and feel better."

Lorraine East  - Computer Programmer, Concord, California

   If your questions about how to burn off your body fat with my hypnosis system have been answered, then CLICK HERE To Find Out How to Try My System Out With Absolutely No Risk For 45 days.

   Okay, you’ve seen the results of my hypnosis method.  But, you may still have a few questions about hypnosis. 

Which Of These Surprising Answers To Common
Questions About Hypnosis Do You Know?

   Q: Will I be awake, or will I be “under” the influence of the hypnotist? 

  A:  During your hypnosis session, you will be awake, aware, and alert.   

   Decades ago – and in many movies, many hypnotists used the word sleep with their clients.  Since during hypnosis someone feels totally relaxed, and their eyes are usually closed and they are usually slumped over in a chair, they look like they are asleep.

   But in reality, they are hearing everything, aware of what’s going on, and in total control.

   Q:  But Steve, will I really be in control of myself, or will I lose control?  And, how come people at hypnosis stage shows bark like a dog, or quack like a duck?  I sure don’t want to embarrass myself!

   A:  First of all, you will be experiencing professional hypnosis in the privacy of your own home, delivered to you by my voice from a CD.   Hypnotic messages are delivered to your subconscious mind in the exact manner, using the exact words, using the exact images designed to get powerful results – in the shortest amount of time possible.

   My method has been created to get you results in any area of your life that you have chosen to change.

So, you can be totally certain that you will
never be asked to do anything you don’t want to.

   Second, let’s take a moment and figure out what really happens at a stage show.

  Everyone at the “hypnosis show” knows that the stage hypnotist will be asking for volunteers to “perform” on stage.  So, if someone raises their hand when the stage hypnotist asks for volunteers, they already KNOW they are likely to be asked to do something that might be somewhat embarrassing. 

Yet, they still raise their hand and
volunteer to go up on stage.

   Obviously, they are willing to participate in this fun and entertaining experience.

   Often (though not always) the people who volunteer are somewhat shy.  They want this experience to help them “break out” of their shyness. Plus, they want to get some badly needed attention. Think about the “dirty laundry” that people openly tell the world about on “tell it all” TV talk shows seen by millions (where there is no hypnosis involved), just for the opportunity to get some fame and attention.

 So, when this person who volunteered to come up on stage is asked to do something that seems a bit weird or out of the realm of what they would ordinarily do in public,

they willingly cooperate,
because they have volunteered to do so.

If they did not want to follow the stage hypnotist’s suggestions, They wouldn’t.  Period.

   No matter how deeply and enjoyably you are experiencing hypnosis,

no one can ever make you do something
 that you object to.  You are always in control,

   and will reject any suggestion that is not acceptable to you.

Hypnosis significantly improved the immune response of research participants given hypnotic suggestions. 

 Twenty hypnotizable subjects, ages 22-85, significantly (p<.05) increased the in vitro proliferative responsiveness of their lymphocytes to pokeweed mitogen (which stimulates both T- and B-cells) when given the suggestion under trance that their white blood cells were like "powerful sharks" destroying "weak germs."
Hall HR. Hypnosis and the immune system: A review with implications for cancer and the psychology of healing. Am J Clin Hypn. 1982 Oct-1983 Jan; 25(2/3):92-103.
Organized medicine has left a 150-year trail of inability to apply the recorded incredible success of James Esdaile, a Scottish surgeon (1808-1859) who applied hypnotherapy to his surgical subjects. The common 15%-20% mortality of the time due to postoperative infections was reduced in his hands to about five percent, so striking as to make him the envy of the surgical profession who denigrated his results and failed to employ his methods. This study may explain why Esdaile achieved his outstanding reduction in postoperative mortality. By whatever mechanism, the immune system can respond to the suggestion of better function, particularly when given in the alpha brain-wave state of relaxation. (Which is what hypnosis is designed to induce.) -note: words in parenthesis added by this website

   Q: What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

   A:  With my method of hypnosis, you will be awake and aware at all times.  You will hear and remember everything.  You will enter an enjoyable state of deep relaxation... one in which you can "program" your mind for any change you want.

   During even the very deep stages of hypnosis, you will still be in full and total control. 

   It’s just that you will be so relaxed, feeling so calm and peaceful mentally and physically, that the door to your subconscious mind opens up… and the new information you want to improve your life is allowed in, to “reprogram” you for the weight loss experience you so rightfully deserve.

Q: After I experience hypnosis, how will I feel?  Will I be alert, or be somewhat “out of it”?

A: After your hypnosis session ends, you’ll feel relaxed, yet alert and refreshed.  As if you had just watched a great movie that took your conscious mind on a journey.  Or as if you had taken a wonderfully relaxing nap that restores and refreshes you.

Q: I’m already on a weight loss program.  Can your hypnosis help me?

A:  Yes, provided the following:  the program you are on is not based ONLY on denial of your impulses… which as we now know ends up sabotaging and destroying your weight loss.  If you are on a strict “deprivation only” diet or program, and insist on staying on it, I would NOT recommend my system to you.

   Under all other circumstances, whether you are on a low, medium (or even high) carb. -- or low fat program, my hypnosis is designed to make losing weight easier… so… yes, it would be a good “fit” with your program.


  What is included in my
“BURN off body fat quickly
and automatically
with hypnosis”

 Your system contains a full 4 CD’s.  Plus some fun to read, page turning “lose weight with hypnosis” instructional and inspirational reports (of course, there are NO DIETS WHATSOEVER!)  that, when combined with the CD’s,  document the weight loss results you’ve seen and much of what has been stated in this letter (these reports can be read in under 7 minutes flat).

Your 4 Disk “Burn Off Body Fat Quickly And
Automatically WITH HYPNOSIS ” CD set
is like having an UNLIMITED Number
Of Private Weight Loss Sessions
With One Of The World’s Most Experienced Hypnotists.

   Here are the details: Your CD’s contain multiple sessions. These sessions are designed to do the following:

   During session 1, I explain EXACTLY what hypnosis is, and what it is not.   By the time this short, fascinating CD has flashed by, you will know more about hypnosis than 95 out of 100 people.  I do this so that your subconscious mind is “formatted” for the changes you are about to experience

so that you are totally comfortable with hypnosis…
so that all fears and concerns are completely eased,
replaced by total comfort and security.

This way, you’ll go deeply into hypnosis on the other CD’s… opening the door for you to…

finally achieve the thin, slim, trim
body that is your birthright.

 The CD’s that follow were created with the following goals in mind:

   To unlock the door to your subconscious mind by guiding you into a deeply relaxed and peaceful state of hypnosis in only 4-6 minutes.  And yes, there is a reason why I’ve worked so hard to perfect this method that helps you enter deep hypnosis so quickly… but I can’t tell you why without it working against you. (Hint: We don’t want your conscious mind to be in the way of your weight loss experience… because as you now know, your conscious mind can’t get the job done correctly.)

   To use “hypnotic language secrets” that “supercharge” the power of your lose weight with hypnosis experience.

   To communicate directly to your subconscious mind in a very special way that I’ve never seen or heard anywhere else, designed to intensify and speed your weight loss results.

Session 2:  Even before your “eyes closed” hypnosis session begins, you’ll experience the surprising power of my “eyes open techniques” specially designed to eliminate cravings for fattening foods.

  These techniques are designed so that you’ll actually feel the desire for these foods fade away and disappear -- and that’s just the beginning.  Because…

Elkan, Daniel. "Trance, scalpel, action! The idea of surgery without anaesthetic is the stuff of nightmares. So why are people queuing up to try it? (Hypnosis as an alternative to Anesthetics)." New Scientist 187.2511 (August 6, 2005): 34(4). HealthReferenceCenter Academic.
As the surgeon's knife cut into her chest, 46-year-old Pippa Plaisted should have been in agony. The 45-minute breast cancer operation she was undergoing at the Lister Hospital in London would normally have needed a general anaesthetic. But Plaisted had not been anaesthetised, nor given painkilling drugs of any sort.
Instead, hypnotherapist Charles Montigue stood at the operating table, his thumb resting on Plaisted's forehead, monitoring the hypnotic trance he had put her in minutes before the operation began. Eyes closed but awake, Plaisted could hear the surgeon calmly telling her, at each stage of the operation, what was going to happen next.
Plaisted had already used hypnotherapy to help overcome her fear of operations but had never tried it during surgery. It seemed a daring thing to do, but she was desperate to avoid conventional anaesthetics. She had had a series of operations, and after each one the drugs had left her feeling dizzy for months.
Astonishingly, the hypnosis succeeded in making her operation entirely pain-free. "The surgeon was cutting and sewing inside me, but I could not feel any sensation at all," Plaisted recalls. "After the operation I felt tired, but there was no nausea or wooziness. I had a clear head and felt totally normal."

   During session 3, you’ll be guided into a deep state of “eyes closed” hypnosis –
only now, the “reprogramming” of your subconscious computer begins at a deeper level.  You are given suggestions designed to eliminate all cravings for fattening foods.  Several different techniques are used to “seal” these as well as all the hypnotic suggestions you want “tight as a drum” into your subconscious mind.

   Then, your subconscious mind is given suggestions to have you...

magnetically drawn to the proper foods that
 support your health and weight loss.

 Imagine this:

   Instead of trying to force “healthy foods” down …

   Instead of struggling and relying on willpower to “try” to do the “right thing” as in the past, now you’ll be programmed to desire these healthy foods… to want them… to crave them the way you used to crave fattening foods.   Just like the people whose documented weight loss results you saw earlier.

   I instruct your powerful subconscious computer to set your ideal and perfect goal weight.  My system is designed so that you are  “programmed” to then automatically get to that weight.  

   So that finally, your inner subconscious mind sees, feels and thinks of you as slim and trim. 

So that any eating behavior that doesn’t fit that “thin self-definition” is automatically rejected, and all behaviors that support you being thin and at your exact goal weight are actively encouraged by your subconscious mind.

   In other words, this system is designed so that without using any willpower, you think like a thin person does.

And that’s the secret to winning the weight loss battle.

Very Important:                       

If you start to lose weight too quickly,
simply stop using my system for 1 week.
Then, call me for specific instructions on how to get started again.
(My private phone number is 1-(305)-662-6800
or 1-(800)-424-7999)

   Session 4: 

This is a free bonus session I give you. 
It is 100% optional!

   There is something that most people simply dread the thought of doing.  They know it’s good for them. But they just can’t seem to get around to doing it.

   While virtually all folks who eat less (while still feeling complete and satisfied) will lose weight anyway (unless they have a medical problem),

That simply isn’t enough for me.
I want you to be… and feel…Healthy.

   I want you to look…and feel… years younger. 

   And there’s a rather simple way to achieve these goalsBut most of us simply hate doing it…understandably

   While we might start to do it for a short time, we end up quitting.  And that’s totally normal.

   After all, once you understand the human mind, you know that people are instinctively pleasure seeking. 

We do what feels good -- at the moment.

And if it doesn’t feel good at the moment,
 we simply won’t persist.

This is human nature.

   This is why I never try to change human nature with my weight loss system.

   I merely redirect it’s energy… using some rather simple, yet advanced techniques called anchoring.

During this optional session, we “Tap into”
powerful feelings of motivation
for something that you already want, and…

then, we transfer this existing motivation directly to exercising… with an easy to use, yet dramatically powerful technique that takes only seconds  (once I show you how).  This transferring of motivation to exercise is designed to happen automatically, as my voice guides you through this fun, exciting process.

   As we both know, the hardest part of exercising is…

1- getting started on any specific day… and

2- keeping your motivation going, day after day.

   By using my techniques repeatedly for just a few short minutes, with me guiding you step by step on the CD, you actually become motivated to exercise! 

   Truly pumped up, excited, and happy to exercise. 

   It may sound hard to believe… but when you use the power of the subconscious mind, astonishing results are possible, as you have seen over and over throughout this letter.

   And this “Supercharge Your Motivation To Exercise” session is one of my free gifts to you. I recommend that you try it… I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. 

   But you aren’t paying one penny extra for it… so feel free to use it, or not.  Whatever your heart desires.

   Plus, I give you a…

very special, FREE Hypnosis
Weight Loss Gift.

  Let’s face it:

  There are days that are jam-packed and busy, filled with stress. On these days, you may want a quick, down and dirty way to get away from it all. You may want to “recharge” your subconscious mind with my powerful weight loss suggestions. 

   So, I’ve created session 5 (on it’s own CD):

   This is a 13 minute, 27 second program for you to use -- by the way, it will only work after you’ve experienced my full length , 45 minute, 37 second weight loss hypnosis CD (described above when I explained session 3) which “formats” your subconscious mind. 

   With this shortened bonus CD,

You’ll know you always have my support…
Help is just a CD away…
and all it takes is 13 minutes and 27 seconds.

   This bonus is valued at $20.00.

   So, what would it be worth to you to experience life-changing results like these? 

Private clients pay hundreds of dollars for just 1 session with me…

   and when they lose their weight, they consider that the best money they ever spent.

   Your free gift alone is worth $20.00.  And when you order my hypnosis system, you get to experience multiple hypnosis sessions by one of the country’s most experienced hypnotists… wherever, whenever, as often as you like. So, you are getting hundreds of dollars worth of hypnosis, plus $20 as a free bonus. 

   At $400, compared to the cost of other weight loss programs, or even to my private sessions, this would be an astonishingly low price. But you won’t have to pay $400… or even $200.  Or even $150.   I want this program to be affordable to just about anyone who wants to lose weight.

   So, I’ve lowered it’s price to only $87. That’s right,

you get my acclaimed hypnosis system,
You get the $20.00 weight loss bonus…
And it’s all yours for only $87

   For less than the cost of having one cup of premium coffee a day for 3 weeks, you can finally experience a totally different way to lose weight… one designed to eliminate cravings, eliminate starvation dieting, eliminate counting calories, while keeping you full, satisfied and content from the beginning until you achieve your desired goal weight.

   To get started using my method of hypnosis just days from right now, simply click here

   Don’t miss out on this chance to get the body that is rightfully yours.  To look and feel years younger.  To experience life as a thin person.  To get rid of that embarrassed feeling (oh, how I used to hate that), as you struggle with what to wear to hide certain parts of your body.

   While we both know it’s not fair, thin folks get all sorts of advantages. They get the attention. They get the looks.  And they are happier and healthier.

Picture yourself… looking great
Your friends complimenting you on how good you look.
People noticing you, paying more attention to you.

   Picture yourself… feeling great. Having finally achieved the weight loss results you’ve been after for so long. 

   Don’t miss out on this opportunity to look the way you’ve dreamed of looking (but were secretly beginning to give up hope of ever achieving)…

   Don’t miss out on this unique weight loss method that is based on the undeniable truths of human nature.

We can NOT deny ourselves… we can NOT feel frustrated
or deprived over a sustained amount of time.

   I don’t want you to have any regrets because you didn’t take advantage of my method, and aren’t looking (and feeling) great.

   Please remember this:  you are saving hundreds to thousands of dollars over what private sessions with me would cost you.  You are going to experience weight loss sessions conducted by one of the country’s most experienced hypnotists, who was 53 pounds overweight himself, and used hypnosis to lose every ounce of extra body fat.  

   Plus, I want you to know this: You can try my weight loss system out -- with absolutely no risk for  45 days.  You’ll have the total piece of mind of knowing that your satisfaction is backed by my...

“You Must Be Delighted
And In Love With Your Weight Loss Results, 
Or I’ll Buy My System Back From You”
45 Day Written Guarantee.

   You read that correctly.  This unconditional guarantee is not valid for just 30 days. You have 45 days to evaluate my system.

   And if for any reason, or for no reason whatsoever, you aren’t 100% thrilled, delighted, and in love with my hypnosis system at any time during that 45 day period, I want you to send it back for a full, prompt, and courteous refund of the purchase price. 

   I don’t care if the CD’s have been shattered, dropped and run over by your kid’s or grandkid's toys.  There will be no questions asked. And you still get to keep the bonus weight loss CD worth $20.00.

   That’s how confident I am that you will love what this unique weight loss system does for you. I’m willing to shoulder the burden of the risk.  So, please click here now to try out your complete weight loss system.

Remember, you have nothing to decide now.

   Simply get my system, try it out, and if you’re not 100% in love with your results, know that you are totally protected by my “You Must Be Delighted And In Love With Your Weight Loss Results, Or I’ll Buy My System Back From You” 45 day guarantee.

      Click here now so that you can have my system in your hands and start losing weight just a few short days from today.

Take care,

Steve Ira Present M.S., Ch. T

P.S.  When you decide to try my system out today, you will get an additional $100 “mystery” weight-loss bonus.  This FREE gift is not (according to my extensive research) available anywhere else, but I want you to experience it’s benefits.  

   However, I can not guarantee it’s continued availability … as you will see when you get the bonus. It is not only unique, there are literally only a certain number of these available, until they run out. (They can not be replaced, reprinted, or reproduced… they are that one-of-a-kind. They are that special.)  So please, take full advantage of this generous gift by Clicking here now, to make sure you don’t miss out on this gift before they are all gone. (This gift is available only to those who order through our secure on-line ordering system.)


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